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"Whoever enters the Way without a guide will take a hundred years to travel a two-day journey." Rumi.
"Kılavuzsuz yola gidene iki günlük yol yüz yıllık olur." Rumi.


For leaders being mentored or coached, think about all the information & interactions around you during the day. Our approach can both help you become more aware & thus intentional about your contacts and recognise blockages. 


Where have you been unable to resolve an issue, nurture a relationship or deliver a project? What impact has that lack of completion had on your morale & focus? With our mentoring approach the focus is not on a goal but on self-awareness

Please take an appointment for consulting.


Please take an appointment for

tailor-made leadership training and development projects and programs.


Business Meeting

Experiential and Experimental
way of learning 

We would like to invite you to create learning and growing opportunities with us where you can explore, what you really want and what you deeply need. We will here to support you look your experience with awareness in a safe context of experiments.

Multilevel System Approach

We do not learn in isolation. We learn in relation and interaction to each other. Organizations, human systems are complex. Each part impacts others. Eighty percent of our behavior is determined by the context. We are here to support you become aware of how your behavioral and invisible attending process defines your thinking, feeling and action and thus helping you have more choices around that. Regarding our integrated approach we see our clients whole, resourceful and capable. 

Result Oriented Method

We believe that real change happens out

of experience. Our integrated method

puts every coaching process into

experiential process. And you can see

'the change' while the process is

happening during the session.

Meet the Team

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Pınar Giuggiola

‘Professional Coach with 20+ years’ management experience in financial sector and 10+ years’ experience in leadership and personal development. Coached members from DOW Chemicals, BASF, QNB Finansbank, Bentego, Ebay , Arçelik and Getir.’

Who is our Client?

Metallic Structure

Growing agile leaders and


Who is focusing on the growth and development  inside out  and with their team outside in. 

Meeting Room Business

Individuals and Teams 

Agile solutions for individuals and leaders, agile training and development programs ,Team coaching for unlocking a group’s potential and enhances collective intelligence. While individual coaching can be deeply effective as a one-on-one experience, the same powerful energy and learning also radically benefits the larger, human systems we work in.

Avatar 109

Divya Kalra

"'Women Entrepreneurs Awards 2020' by The Times of India Group'...Having this reward  made me reflect what a wonderful relationship and a great year I have had having you by my side in this entrepreneurship journey! Thank you again for all that you did for me - and most importantly being my support system with whom I could discuss my ideas, pain points and get unconditional support always. Fills my heart with joy and feel blessed to know someone as inspiring as you.Thank you dear Pinar for all your support and encouragement in my journey this year. Happy to have you as a mentor, well wisher, sounding board and companion. As you said...nothing great is achieved alone. Your support means a lot.


Asiye Ozyamanoglu
Regional Manager
Multinational American Company

"...Thanks to her coaching I have developed ways to recognize, understand and deal with what I am personally going through. A series of learning of a life time. Thanks to her genuine approach I felt the trust from the first moment on. Her coaching approach helped me to understand my strengths and challenges and learn how to hear and answer the questions within in me. Also Her deep  experience in corporate world has helped me significantly to prepare and overcome difficult conversations. She is an absolutely brilliant coach. More than recommended!

Avatar 103

Deniz Akcin
EU Commercial Manager Multinational American Company

"Dear Pınar, Thank you for inspiring, relieving, energizing and fruitful one year since we started our journey. You opened valuable new perspectives on my short mid and future situation. It is amazing as you demonstrated a different perspective while encountering a unique sense of interest in my personal and professional targets. You have been a vital resource and I look forward to continuing our relationship."

Avatar 85

Robby Demeester
Consumer SolutionsEMEAI
Multinational American Company

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